Monday, April 27, 2015

Power is for Allah.....

Often we have this idea that whatever good we do is just because of our own efforts but Allah Ta'ala says  " La Hawla Wala Quwwata Illa Billah" there is neither might nor ability except with Allah. Everygood we do is solely because of Allah Ta'ala ,as human we are so concerned for ourselves let alone think of others. It is only with will and wish of Allah we can do good deeds.

I intend to write this because I remembered an incident that happened with me. My sister and I was returning from market,on the way we saw some clay pots etc. My gaze fell on a small pots that I thought will keep it as vase near my room. We hurried to the pot maker and asked for that pot but he replied that is not to keep as a vase but for the water to feed the birds. Instantly my intention changed and I bought it to keep it on the rooF of my house for birds to quench their thirst. Later I realized that Alhumdulillah Allah Ta'ala took such a noble work from me else I was so selfish for just for my own desires. That day I literally realized and experienced that the power to do good is purely from Allah Ta'ala. I hope this small article with break the pride within and to make us more humble to Allah Ta'ala Ameen!

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