Monday, April 27, 2015

How You Wish to Take Problems ??

A good friend of mine had made an investment but he was not getting any returns. He had to maintain the place, pay towards rates and taxes, water bills, workers, etc. He started performing Tahajjud Salaah and things worked out well at a later stage. However, due to these problems he was given the Taufeeq of Tahajjud which is still continuing. Had the problem not affected him, leave Tahajjud, he wouldn’t even be performing his five daily Salaah. This is for those people that have made some effort on themselves, else problems cause one to become worse causing one to become depressed, or turns one towards drugs and alcohol, bad company, etc. some even go to the extent of swearing Allah Ta'ala for involving him in such a problem. In conclusion, Allah Ta'ala brings those closer whom he desires to draw towards him. However, the best and easiest method is to develop the love of Allah from before.  

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