Sunday, April 5, 2015

Don't Approach.....It's Decaying

Sometimes there happens things to you in general life of no 
significance but when you reflect a little deeper you can correlate it to eternity. Like it happened to me few days back when the that thought crossed my mind.
As it happened that we decided to shift to new home, since the day I had made up this mind of shifting  I felt that  I am having lesser attraction to attachment to my old home. daily the thought of new house how would I maintain it,decorate it,how would live in it pass my mind. I no longer feel to make new changes to my old house. Let it be the way it is because soon I would have to leave this house and move to new one. So being lenient for old home but more zealous and passionate for new one. The other I was sitting on my Musalla and thought came to my mind Alhumdulillah that just because im shifting to new house I don't want to attach myself to old one then why is that we don't feel to detach ourselves for this temporary abode of duniya and making and decorating our  Jannah ,our eternal abode. May be I would live in this house of duniya for one moment,one day or may be few years and Im getting so passionate having this and that in my house such flooring,curtains,white wash etc but my permanent abode Jannah which is for eternity I have to inclination to that one.

This might happen  when we will woke up on day of judgement questioning how long we would have lived in this world, Just for a day or even lesser!! Truly this world is Daar ul Ghoroor,House of Deception.

For just a day so much preparation BUT no preparation or negligent preparation for Aakhirah!!

May Allah Ta'ala open the reality of this futile world on us and take us closer to Him Ameen!!

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