Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hardship / Ease

Allah Ta'la says in Quran:

"Fa inna ma'al 'Usri Yusra;Inna Ma'al 'Usri Yusra"

For truly with hardship comes ease; truly with hardship comes ease. (Surat al-Inshirah: 5-6)

This is what i've realized few days back when i was teaching my students. One of my student mashaAllah good at studies but where he lacks behind is his handwriting that worries me sometimes, that a good student like him should be good at handwriting too,so to make  improvement in handwriting i decided to make me repeat his work twice or thrice no matter how tired he feels, though i've warned him several times before putting him into severity It was not so long before he did the same mistake(poor handwriting) this made me angry  and i asked him to write again .He pleaded that he would write tomorrow ,let him go now but i didn't take least pity  oh him though my intention was not to be hard on him, i just wanted to do his tarbiyat,he shed some tears too but i was firm on my decision. i knew this lil' hardship of present would prove fruitful for his future, he will ended up with good handwriting for the rest of his life inshaAllah.
Soon after i finished  teaching my students i realized Alhumdulillah that the same way Allah Ta'la the Merciful ! do our tarbiyat by afflicting us with some hardship or trials.Allah Ta'la doesn't mean to be hard on us nor He want to see us in pain but to do our tarbiyat, to improve us,to let us know our ability He afflict us with pain so that the rest of our life we could live with ease and in peace by following the Siratul Mustaqeem. Allah Ta'la is so merciful He sees our pain, tears but He knows  where the good lies for His slave.

We should never think the trial and hardship as a mean of punishment but that is the Muhabbat  of the Merciful Allah Ta'la in disguise Every calamity bring something good in it if we have faith in Allah Ta'la,in His decision. Verily with hardship comes ease ! If we truly believe in this Ayat.

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