Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blind Faith...Think before you act

This is the story i came across somewhere and made me to think that how Bidah comes into religion.

When it was time for her daughter's marriage, one woman made many elaborate arrangements for a smooth wedding ceremony. However, in the middle of the proceedings a cat ran out into the middle of the assembly.

"Oh no!" thought the mother. "What to do?" She spied a basket and promptly grabbed it, trapping the cat underneath. Relieved, they carried on the marriage ceremony undisturbed.
Some years later, when the bride was grown up and had her own family, it was time for her daughter's marriage ceremony. All elaborate arrangements were made, but the mother still felt something amiss. Then she remembered, "Ah, I remember that at my wedding my mother had a cat in a basket placed there." So she fetched a cat, put a basket on it and carried on the proceedings. And it became a tradition in that family!

I think the same way many bidats came into existence.Seeing our forefather we follow many custom traditionally without thinking whether they comply with Deen or not,and think them a part of deen.

Don’t follow anything blindly. When brain and eyes have been given by Allah, do use them.We should think that whether the particular act of our is according to Quran or Shariah. A religion without philosophy is just speculation. Due to a poor fund of knowledge, people accept certain theories as truth, but never stop to question, why those theories exist.
May Allah Ta'ala save us form this deceptive act of shaitan Ameen !


  1. Assalaamu Alaikum,

    Nice one! and so true.. but what's worse is nowadays we can easily find out what's right and what's wrong, yet still we cling to useless things.

  2. Walekumassalam

    Alhumdulillah,you are right,i've seen many exapmples around me,despite knowing what is right and intended to do that,how we get trapped in shaitani whisperings.

    May Allah Ta'ala give us the taufeeq of amal too Ameen !