Sunday, May 22, 2011

Attaining Love of Allah Ta'ala

Currently the book of my Beloved Hazrat Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Sahab(Damat Barakatuhum) im reading is" Reformation of Character".Last day i ended with reading" The method of Attaining Allah Ta'ala's Love".Im quoting here a short description for the ease of the reader,for the rest of the wisdom you can visit the link.
Avery easy method of attaining Allah Ta'ala's love-when a person daily presents himself in the company of another for a short while,then after a few days,love is inculcated.The reuslt of meeting daily for some period is that if perhance they do not meet each other,then one will become restless for other.and will wait for each other.there is no need for any proofs for htis reality.In like manner,begin meeting Allah Ta;ala daily for a short while.The manner of this is that one should take a Tasbih,and facing Qiblah in solitude,he should make the zikr of Allah Ta'ala for a short while.Kalimah Tauheed.Durood Sharif.recitation of Qur'an.Uttering 'Allah,Allah", are all in cluded in Zikr.This Zikr is the meeting with Allah Ta'ala.
It is narrated in Hadith Qudsi
"I am the companion of him who remembers me."In other words Allah Ta'ala is saying"I am by him."
What an easy form for a servant to meet Allah Ta'ala when he pleases.Begin zikr an done has met Him.

The second method of attaining Allah Ta'ala’s love is by contemplating over His bounties.He has created the heaven,the earth.the mountains,the tress,the animals and the birds. He has created the whole universe for our benefit and nurturing and we have been created solely for His worship. Think of every bounty and be grateful. Logically, natural love is created for one’s benefactor. 

The third method which is the soul of the other two ways and which is extremely beneficial is that one should at times go in the company of Allah Ta'ala’s lovers and should that the hearts of My close friends are the mines of taqwa. Just 
listen to their talks with love and conviction. A Hadith states 
as one attains gold from a gold mine, silver from a silver mine, 
salt from a salt mine, the treasures of taqwa and the love of 
Allah Ta'ala will be attained from the companionship of His 
close friends. Like if a donkey falls and dies in a salt  mine it  toowill become salt.

 Maulana Rumi 
(Rahmatullah Alaihe) has stated, “If you are a stone, then do 
not lose hope. By going to those whose hearts are connected to 
Allah Ta'ala, you will become a pearl. 

These three methods of attaining Allah Ta'ala’s love are the statement of Hazrat 
Hakeem-ul-Ummah Thanwi (Rahmatullah Alaihe) which this 
weak one has written with some explanation. May Allah Ta'ala 
grant this weak one and all our honourable readers the treasure 
of His love. Ameen 

 Link:Reformation of Character

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