Monday, April 21, 2014

Prepare Your House for the King

“Imagine, if you were living in a village, in a run-down hut, and the king of the land announced that he was coming to visit you for a few days. You would be reluctant and embarrassed and inform the king that your residence was wholly unsuitable to his needs and status.
The king in turn would most probably tell you not to worry as he will make the necessary preparations before his arrival.
Subsequently, workers would be sent to your village, your hut would be knocked down and a magnificent palace erected in its place. Only after many months of work would the king arrive in his full splendour.

Shaykh Hakīm Akhtar hafizahullah uses this analogy to demonstrate the arrival of the love of Allāh ta’ala in the heart of a believer. Our hearts are run-down and completely unfit for the Splendour and Magnificence of Allāh.
Consequently we need to make an effort to renovate our old hut, remove the weeds of sins, and prepare a beautiful palace (all this will occur with the help of Allāh ta’ala). Only after preparation, effort and striving will our hearts become pure enough to acquire a true connection with, and love for Allāh ta’ala.”


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