Saturday, March 22, 2014

Allah Invited You !!

Words written under are not of any scholar but read on  this  Site while browsing for some pictures  Gave me a thought to ponder over.Often we overlook the one who has come to invite us towards Allah Ta'ala.We don't give a thought Who actually is inviting us,Who actually wants us to be in His court.I have seen even in my own family how the wedding or other invitations are kept with great care and at place where it could be seen easily by members of  the home.We also feel pride if some high profile people of the town invite us but when Allah Ta'ala the Almighty,the Sovereign invites us we don't even ready to give ears to them. I hope  the words hereunder would let us to realize the importance of Invitation send by Allah Ta'ala Aameen!

When a preacher knocks, you should be happy that Allah Swt is inviting you towards the most excellent religion:) . You should quit whatever you are doing and meet that guy. Listen humbly to his invitation (dawah). If he invites you to the mosque for the next prayer, accept his invitation, jump into the shower and brace yourself for that prayer( “God has invited you”) . Feel different , Allah SWT invited you .

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