Monday, September 26, 2011

Increase in your love for Allah

A  Bayan given by Shaykh Salih Al Maghamsi on Love of Allah Ta'ala

The slave if attains the pleasure of Allah,this means Allah loves him and our prophet Sallallahu Alaihy Wassalam swore by Allah that Allah will not throw someone He loves into hellfire, because of this,blessed sister and brother you have to make sure there is no greater concern to you than the love of Allah because if Allah loves you ,you are saved and for Allah to love you,you have to look in Quran and Sunnah to find what pleases Allah and
in authentic Hadith,'...And My slave keeps on coming closer to Me through performing voluntary deeds untill I love him..."
so increasing voluntary deed,is from the greatest way to attain the love of Allah.As it is not possible for anyone to attain this love from Allah untill he reaches a stage within himself where he does not love anythin gmore than Allah.

Allah says "and of mankind are some who take(for worship) others besides Allah,as equal (with Allah).They love them as they should love Allah..." that is the situation of disbelievers.".....but those who believe love Allah more( than anything else)." and whoever wants to know,how much he loves Allah,let me see,when he is given a choice between two matters,one that Allah loves and one that he loves,let him see what he chooses.It has been narrated that Musa Alaihy Salam said to his lord I see in Your book that you praises Ibrahim,Ishaaq and ya'qoob so Allah revealed to him 'as for Ibrahim he was not given two choices,one of which was Me,except he chose Me(over anything else),as for Ishaaq he had full conviction in Me,and as for Ya'qoob eveytime I increased his hardship,he increased in his good assumption of Me'

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