Thursday, June 30, 2011

What you have trained your Nafs for ???

Often we find apprehension regarding following Deen, Non believers are of far concern our own muslim brothers and sister  come  to first place, im not  an exception though.Our own brothers and sisters find it difficult to follow Deen .We have wrongly presume that Islam have strict rules to follow but what i feel  is that to follow deen is not difficult it is our deep rooted mischieves of Nafs that are hard to leave because we have trained our nafs that way.Questions arise:
Do we find difficult to watch T.V.?
Do we find difficutl to glance at Na Mahram?
Do we find difficutl to hear haram things or talk Haram?
To summarise do we find difficult to fall into sins?
Answer is  Big NO
It is because we have directed our nafs in that way so it simply falls in sins but we have not developed our nafs in islamic way thats why we hesitate to follow it.
Like many sisters find it difficult to wear Burqa due to their own nafsani reason though we are very well aware that Allah Ta'ala's command are full of wisdom.It is for our own benefit still we keep distance.
some brothers find it difficult to keep beard though the true beauty of a man lies in having beard.

Giving you my example when i first intented to weat burqa i too had whisperings ,how  you will go out in such hot weather,how you will walk with burqa you never wore such a long robe before etc. but Alhumdulillah with power of Allah Ta'ala i ignored all thoughts and carried on with Allah command No doubt i had some problems because i have not disciplined myself in Islamic way so some problmes were  inevitable but Alhumdulillah now i can easily move  in burqa,mount on hills easily ,can eat in niqab.
  To follow the path of Allah first we need to  be aware of Allah Ta'ala commands and with His power must take step to follow deen InshaAllah Allah  Ta'ala will make it easy for us to move ahead.
Allah Ta'ala says in Hadith Qudsi
  "O My servant! If you take one step toward Me, I take ten toward you."
Such is the mercy of Ar Rahman Alhumdulillah !
Like we have made ourselves easily fall prey to sins we should conditioned our nafs  to follow deen and shun all evil desires and i can assure once you 'll be in deen you wont find any command of Allah Ta'ala difficult to follow but you 'll find aversion to all those predominant sins of nafs inshaAllah !
May Allah Ta'ala guide us to right path and  keep us true hearted on it Ameen !


  1. Masha Allah! May Allah Ta'aala grant us all the courage to tame our nafs. Ameen!

  2. Praise to Allah,JazakAllah !

    Ameen to dua