Saturday, June 25, 2011

How you intend to reach Allah ??

Reading through the most favourite page of newspaper "Spirituality" i came across this story.

There was a saint .People from far and wide came to him to find peace and tranquility of heart.Once there came a thief for the same purpose.Honestly he stated saint about his ouccupation.Hearing this like other people saint also accepted him ,that what can be expected from a saint.The thief used to ask the saint, how one can reach God,how can one meet God but saint like other days refused waiting for the right moment to come.One day the thief insisted the saint and repeated the same question.At this the saint pointed to a hill and asked the thief to mount that hill carrying six stones on his head.Thief obeyed as he was told.He started following the saint carrying the stones.The thief hardly reached the half way when he got tired.The saint aksed him to drop one stone and march on. More the thief was moving the more he was getting tired with the weight of stones.The saint aksed him to drop stone turn by turn till he reached the top of the hill with no stone.
Then the saint explained him like you are not able to reach this hill carrying the weight of stones,the same way how can one with the weight of anger,greed,desires,ego ,lust etc.on heart  reach the Lord the  Most High.To reach God one must lighten his heart with evils on heart.
Crux of the story is  that, to reach Allah Ta'ala one must have a clean and purify heart,Allah Ta'ala is Paak and He lives in Purified hearts ..

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