Friday, January 23, 2015

That Only I Could Do.....

Sometimes just a simple expression made my someone inspires and touches so much that it really makes you think about. This is the expression made by a lady I met at a Religious Gathering(Taleem). She narrated one of her incident when she was blessed to visit Allah Ta'ala House Kaba Shareef. Her husband ask her to lets go and roam about in vicinity, just to hang out but she made a wonderful reply that " that ONLY what she could do with her legs" means she can only visit Allah's House ,worship Him. Despite being healthy and have wordly richess she refused to be in the fleeting enjoyment of this world. This statement of her really made me to relflect that all what we have been given is the Aamanat of Allah Ta'ala and we should use this Aamanat only in Allah's cause be it wealth, health, our limbs. We should not just betray the trust of Allah Ta'ala using these naimats in futile activities or in sinful activities that won't help us in Aakhirah when we will be questioned about how we spend our life.

May Allah Ta'ala give us the taufeeq to use our time ,wealth and health wisely and save us from disobeying Him Ameen!

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