Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Shafeeq Balkhi set off for Hajj. When he reached Baghdad, the Khalifah, Haroun Rashid highly honoured him and asked for naseehat. Shafeeq Balkhi said: "Allah Ta'ala has made you the representative of the four Khulafa-e-Raashideen. You will be questioned about truth, justice, shame and knowledge. Allah has granted you wealth to give to the needy. He has given you power to compel people to observe the Shariah. If you f ail in these duties, then in Qiyaamah you will be the leader of the inmates of Jahannum. The Khalifah is like a fountain and his subordinate officers like streams springing from the fountain. Govern righteously so that your offices emulate you."

When Haroun Rashid asked for more naseehat, Shafeeq Balkhi said: "If you are overwhelmed by thirst in a desert and someone offers you water in exchange for half your kingdom, will you accept?" The Khalifah said: "Yes."

Shafeeq Balkhi: "If after drinking the water, you are unable to urinate and suffer great pain and distress, a physician says that he will cure you for half your kingdom, will you agree?" 

The Khalifah said: "Yes."

Shafeeq Balkhi: "A kingdom which worth a cup of water and its release is not worth to be proud of." Haroun Rashid wept profusely.

Scattered Pearls

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