Friday, May 25, 2012

Servitude and pride

“Minnat maneh ke khidmat sultan hamey kuni
Minnat shanaas ke tura ba-khidmat guzashtan”
Do not feel as though you are doing some big favour to the king by serving him
It is a favour of the King that he has allowed you to serve him
It does not go to your credit, if you have done countless good deeds in the form of worship, service to Deen, compilation of books, delivering speeches, writing Fatawa (Religious Rulings) etc. You should be thankful to Allah that He enabled you to do these good deeds.
You should pray to Allah to accept the good deeds you do. These deeds are absolutely not a reason to be proud and boastful. There is a proverb in the Arabic language:
sallal ha’iku rakatayni wantadharal wahi
That is to say, that once a weaver offered two Rak’ats of prayer and remained waiting for Wahi (revelation) to descend upon him, as if he had performed a great religious act that he is now deserving of Wahi. This is the behaviour of an ignorant person. A truly devoted servant of Allah works in the path of Allah to the best of his ability and at the same time remains afraid that his service may or may not be worthy of Allah’s acceptance. He should always be praying to Allah to accept his humble services.

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