Monday, April 16, 2012

Faithful Slave

To love, for God's sake, those who obey Him, and to detest, for God's sake, those who disobey Him, are two of the strongest knots of faith. He who is satisfied with God as Lord should of necessity be satisfied with His management of his affairs and the choices He makes for him, including the bitter things He may ordain. He should be content with whatever provision He allots him, remain obedient to Him, careful to perform what He made obligatory upon him and avoid what He forbade him.

He should be patient when enduring His tests, thankful for His favors, desirous to meet Him, satisfied with Him as Patron, Ally, and Guardian, sincere in His worship, relying on Him in both that which he can observe and that which is hidden from his view. He should seek no other help but His in times of difficulty and rely on none other than Him for the fulfillment of his needs.

[ Imam al-Haddah]

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