Friday, April 1, 2011

Slave of Allah

This is the story that I read in newspaper few days back couldn't resist myself from sharing it.
Hazrat Ibrahim was the king of Balkh.That time poor were treated as slaves and sold and purchased thereof..Those slaves had to spend their whole life in the slavery of rich person in exchange of few rupees.Slaves didn't  have any wish of their own as they had to work according to the will of their owner.Once their happened to hold a market of selling  slaves.Hazrat Ibrahim happened to visit there and he also bought a slave that appear  very humble to him.Taken his slave he came back to his palace.Hazrat Ibrahim was known for his generosity.Out of his nature he asked the slave,"what is your name"The slave replied  that the name you wish  to call me by.
Hazrat Ibrahim asked,"what you will eat?" the slave replied whatever you give me.
Hazrat Ibrahim again asked,"what kind of clothes you like ?" slave replied whatever you give me to wear.
the next question Hazrat Ibrahim asked,"what work you would like to do?" again slave replied what you want me to do.
Finally Hazrat Ibrahim asked in astonishment.,"what exactly you want ?" The slave replied in modestly  that slave doesn't have their own will.
Hearing his reply Hazrat Ibrahim got up from his throne and embraced the slave and said you have taught me how a slave of Allah should be.
After reading this article I thought  ,exactly such kind of  thoughts a slave of Allah must be.When we talk about believers,when we say we are slave of Allah ,what does it  really mean?It means we are totally submitted to the will of Allah.If we are true believers we must resign to the will of Allah .we should annihilate  our own wishes and desire.only then we affirm we are true slave of Allah else it just matter of speaking a word nothing  more than that.I also reminded of ashar that I read in the article of my dear friend  that I wish to share it here :
“In whichever condition He keeps me,
It is the best condition for me.
Through whichever route He takes me
It is the easiest route for me.*”
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