Friday, March 4, 2011

Circle of Love

In the Name of Allah Most-Compassionate, Most-Merciful

Dua is the weapon of believer.It is such a powerful tool that Allah Subhanwa Ta'ala provides us,So lets take the advantage of such beautiful blessing of Allah Ta'la in attaining His love.

Following is the Beautiful dua taught by our Beloved Prophet( Sallallahu Alaihy Wasallam)

The Prophet Muhammad (sal Allahu `alayhi wa salam) said to Muadh ibn Jabal (radi Allahu `anhu):

I love you! So never leave this du`a’ after every prayer:
Allahumma a’inni ala dhikrika wa shukrika wa husni ibadatika.
Oh Allah help me in remembering You, in offering gratitude to You, and in worshiping You beautifully.
[Hadith book of Abu Dawud | 002: 1517]
This became known as the Circle of Love hadith, as when Muadh taught the du`a’ to others he first said “I love you! So do not [stop] saying…” and they would tell those who came after them, “We love you! So do not [stop] saying this du`a’…”
Another Beautiful duaa taught is:
Allahumma inni asaluka hubaka,
Wa hubbaman ya hibuka,

Wal amal al-ladhi bel leghuni hubbaka,

Allahumma ja’al hubbaka a-habba alay-yai,
Min nafsi, wa-ahli,wa minal barrid.


O Allah I ask You for Your Love,
And the love of those whom You Love,
And the actions that will cause me to attain unto Your Love,
O Allah make Your love more beloved,
to me than myself, my family and even from cold water. (At-Tirmidhi)

Those who are on path of seeking love of Beloved Allah Ta'la should recite this dua with sincerity and enthusiasm. May Allah Ta'la blessed us with His love and love of Beloved Prohpet (sallallahu Alaihy wasallam) and make us his sincere slave Ameen !!

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