Sunday, February 13, 2011

Crying before Beloved

“I cry and weep before my Beloved, for that appears well pleaseing to Him
And in both worlds our crying and sorrowful sighs are loved byHim.
Blessed is that eye that cries in the remembrance of the Beloved
And blessed is the heart that is embroiled in His love.
For as long as the babe does not cry,
milk does not flow forth from mother breasts
And as long as the clouds don’t shed raindrops,
the garden does not become green.
From the ‘crying’ of the clouds, the garden becomes green and fertile.
And as much as the candle cries, so much it increases its light.
And where tears flow, mercy prevails.
Allah equates the tears of the sinner in grief
To the blood flowing from a martyr.
Crying and weeping is a great wealth.
And the Mercy of Allah is a great blessing.
The wealth of this world consists of gold and silver.
The capital in Allah’s sight is Love and two crying eyes.”

Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi (R.A.)

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